J.Crew Vest Lust

Vests are a funny item. They are associated with decidedly unglamorous activities, such as fishing, hiking, working as a cashier. But somehow, in other fabrics and silhouettes, they can be the perfect topper to many outfits. How do I know?

Last year, I bought a faux fur vest from Ella Moss. It was absurdly priced and I had to do lots of rationalization to buy it. Then I proceeded to wear it nearly every day for the entire winter. We had a mild winter and half the time I just wore my vest out to a party so I didn’t have to find a place to stash my coat, one of the most annoying parts of frat parties. It looked fun in the pictures and kept me seriously warm. It also layered beautifully with the many scarves I wear. It’s really easy for a faux fur vest to look really cheap. Texture is one of the most important things in selecting a nice one: is the faux fur soft? My favorite part of the vest I have was the back was knit, as were the pocket liners (yes, it has pockets). This created a cozy sweater-vest-knit-fur hybrid that I felt comfortable with.

While  I cannot wait to break this baby out as soon as temperatures dip, I’m also looking to expand my vest collection, with this herringbone vest from J.Crew.


This vest is also very warm (I tried it on in store), it plays with pattern in a very subtle way, the color goes with everything. It’s so cute and would be the most versatile item for running around campus, especially for looking classy while studying. I know they styled it with a very monochromatic outfit, but I think it would look great with a colorful shirt underneath or even a pair of marine blue jeans. I would also wear brown boots with it, just to mix things up. It’s $138 which is too much to spend casually, especially in the middle of august. Let’s just say I will be stalking this vest, creeping the website and emails for sales, and hoping the weather gets cool enough to justify this fabulous purchase. Please do not buy all the smalls!

Vests are a great fall to winter item and with one in faux fur and one in classic herringbone, I’d be in the “vest” possible position. Yes, that was a horrible pun, sorry everyone.

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