Mobile Medicine Cabinet

My next decade or so will likely be spent moving in and out of different apartments, cities, and sublets. It’s hard to find a balance between setting up a real home and moving fairly often. One of the best parts about coming home (to your established childhood home, that is) is a well stocked medicine cabinet. It’s comforting to know that almost any ailment can be cured with something inside. Devoting the space to a full-fledged medicine cabinet might be impractical for us young nomads, so I’ve devised an alternative solution. Buy your necessary medications and tools, add a colorful case and BAM! This kit is born to travel. Refill it when needed, move it with you, and you are set.

Ingredients (store brands are usually fine)

Pain Relievers: Advil, Tylenol, etc.

Allergy Medicine: Claritin, Benadryl 

Daily prescriptions

Stomach stuff: Tums, immodium, pepto bismol

Cough drops/lozanges

Bandaids and Neosporin

Anti Itch Cream for bug bites

Vitamins (I take Vitamin C when everyone around me is getting sick but no multivitamin).

And now for the case….


Kate Spade St. Elmo Stripe


The best way (and my favorite way) to get a makeup bag is through a promotion at a department store. They’re always heavily advertised and you get a free case with some samples after a small purchase (usually $25). See when your favorite brand has a really nice one (this is a clinique from 2010) and head to the mall! I have old clinique ones from middle school and the bags hold up very well.

Options from target (huge selection) #1, #2, #3, #4




such a great size and shape
My favorite! I love the pattern


These bottles and tubes should fit nicely in a pretty small bag. It’s easy to pack (for a semester abroad, a camping trip) and already stocked. When you actually need these items is the last time you want to go and buy them. Mobile medicine cabinets come in handy big time! Assemble yours pronto.

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