Life in the Nude (Flats)

There are some things that everyone should own. Good underwear, a black bra, nice fitting jeans, a little black dress, etc.

Then there are those little items that are a litte more personal but still staples.  Personally, I need nude flats. Sometimes black won’t do, a color is too much, and heels are not happening. This need comes from a pair of Kate Spade flats, no longer on sale, but pictured below, that I got for only $80 at a Nordstrom in California in tenth grade. To say that I wore them to death is an understatement. I seriously think I have worn these shoes at least once a week every single week since I’ve bought them (except for during extreme weather). I even wore them during a rainstorm at school and had to run back and change in the middle of the day (flats are bad for puddle jumping). I wore them to school, to formal events, out at night. At a certain point, I felt like people would think I only owned one pair of shoes. The crazy thing is, I still get compliments on them, after three years.

my favorite flats in the high school hallway
A creepy headless image of the flats in a more formal setting


Sadly shoes cannot last forever. My dear, broken-in, navy and nude, peep toe flats are showing signs of wear, lots of wear. Bows would be a bonus. They need to be replaced. But how?

Flats like this are hard to find (katespade if you have any extra overstocks call me) and I troll zappos on the regular. I also try to ration out wearings of these favorites just to make them last longer. Is it shameful to admit this? Too late.

I ordered these Elie Tahari flats from Zappos (on sale) and am still deciding if I like them. I like the braided detail but the monotone might not be so cute on my very pale feet.

What do we think?

Still on the fence so I’ll check them out for a few days inside the house. In the meantime, the hunt continues for the perfect nude flats.

Also, I just wrote 359 words about nude flats. Lord help me.



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