Oof and Art

I went to the MOMA this week with my grandma to see the century of the child exhibit. It was all about the history of toys, which are a relatively recent phenomena. Children used to work as soon as they were able. The exhibit didn’t feature much art, per se, but it did have lots of interesting toys. There was some modernist doll houses and some propaganda aimed at children (there was even an italian game to teach kids about colonialism through maps of Africa). The end of the exhibit detailed recent charity campaigns for children. I went to a United Nations affiliated school from kindergarten to eighth grade so I remember trick or treat for unicef and the year of the child.

My other favorite things at MOMA were these two work. The OOF totally sums up my end of summer stress (packing, shopping, finishing up an internship) and the maps were so cool. The maps are by an Italian named Boetti and there were lots of them. He designed them and had them embroidered by craftswoman in Afghanistan. The one with the pink seas happened because the women didn’t realize the background as ocean and used pink, a color in which they had surplus thread. Proof that there’s always a story!


One thought on “Oof and Art

  1. I went to the century of the child exhibit with my mom! It was so creepy but amazing to see the Nazi propaganda toys. Also, I couldn’t believe they were showing a Tamagotchi…I’m not old enough for my childhood toys to be history yet!

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