I love Real Simple magazine. It’s something great to read in the airport and I always come away with great tips for organizing, cooking, and just living a put together lifestyle.

Since the magazine only comes out once a month, I love their daily thoughts pinterest page, which posts little words of wisdom way more often. You can also get them in a daily email.

Photo credit: Monica Buck/Paper construction: Matthew Sporzynski

I absolutely love this one. I believe wholeheartedly in the value of exploring the world and your neighborhood.

One of the reasons I’m so drawn to this quotation right now is that I haven’t travelled abroad this summer (my time in the Dominican Republic was spent at a resort, completely isolated from the country). The past four summers, I’ve been to Europe and I missed going there. Yes, I know I’m very lucky but I was still disappointed to miss out on a big exploring trip.

The last few years have been pretty extraordinary.

2008: Israel

2009: Lived in Spain for a month

2010: Paris with my family

2011: First time travelling without parents to Barcelona and Toulouse

2012: California, Ohio, Philadelphia…

See the difference? One thing I’ve tried to do this summer is explore neighborhoods in New York a lot more (see tomorrow’s post for more about), Shakespeare in the Park, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s still not the same but I know the next year has big things coming up travel front (STUDY ABROAD. I browse programs in my spare time) and I cannot wait.

Some bucketlist destinations:


Mexico (again)






I also want to take a road trip. I’ve never done one. such a #citygirlproblem.

What pages do you want to turn?

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