Looking Forward

Hello readers,

It’s a nice lazy sunday, the perfect time to anticipate.

I just love this etsy print that I found through this College Prep post and the message behind it (hint: I would love this for my apartment).

I want that motto to carry me through the next month or so. Pretty big changes are coming up (new apartment, new classes, new clubs, new responsibilities) and I can’t wait.

Some other fun things are coming very soon:

My birthday (am I being obnoxious about it yet?)

The Smitten Kitchen cookbook. Deb is one of my absolute favorite bloggers, food or otherwise. She writes like you’re her best friend and takes beautiful photos. I met her and she told us that she reads every comment twice (and recognized my friend by her handle). This cookbook is going to be excellent.

New Mumford and Sons Album: Babel on September 25th. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long. I missed their Hoboken Concert this summer and was watching hour long sets from the Glastonbury concert. But NEW MUSIC is so exciting. They told Teen Vogue they haven’t changed much, but they have progressed. Mumford and Sons improve with repeated listening and I know they will be part of all my fall playlists.

Eating at Red Rooster Harlem. I’ve wanted to eat there ever since the place opened but reservations are impossible. You have to log on at an exact time and cross your fingers. My dad finally succeeded and my family is going for my last meal before I leave for school! I also read Chef Marcus Samuelsson’s book, Yes, Chef, this summer and recommend it highly. He has a great story and can write.

Fall clothes won’t even be a thing for another couple of months so I’m not the least bit excited for that. Luckily, other great things are happening.

Get excited for August and beyond! Darling, let’s be adventurers.

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