Appearing Smarter

Let me paint a picture:

You arrive at a coffee shop/store/restaurant/park a few minutes before your friend/significant other/sibling/parent/interviewer.


a) Walk in circles around the venue until the guest arrives

b) Pull out your phone. Text, instagram, scroll through twitter, generally appear busy.


The answer, my readers, is c). There may be a side of b), I know I can’t resist a quick twitter or instagram scroll but reading is the number one best thing you can do with those little time chunks.

Side note: I have not used the phrase “time chunk” since AP World History sophomore year of high school. Remember the time chunks we had to memorize?

But seriously, whenever I remember to, I carry a book around. Books are perfect for filling those little waiting periods, which seriously add up in our culture of lateness. I always feel smarter/look smarter/relax a little after I read a couple of pages. I cannot say the same for reading a buzzfeed article or tweet from Sephora. If you don’t want to commit to carrying a book around (though ereaders and paperbacks fit in most purses), magazines are a great option. You can also print out double sided articles or editorials from your favorite websites. Grab a newspaper from your office or a bodega. My dad always prints articles for his commute and he really enjoys spending a couple of minutes reading during a busy day.

So grab a book, wait for that tardy guest, and be content. You’ve made a great choice.

Some of my recent reads:

Reading Bossypants for the tenth time via kindle

Bossypants (again)

Gone Girl, a mystery you will be unable to put down.

The Elegance of the Hedgehog, the beginning is slow but the story definitely picks up. I wish I could read this in french, it would probably be way better.

Happy reading!

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