Philly Love

Last weekend, I went to Philadelphia, where I attend college. I stayed with some friends and had the best weekend of exploring, eating, meeting and reuniting with so many great people. Philadelphia’s a different kind of city. It’s not super grand like New York and it seems simple at first, a few neighborhoods, some places to avoid. But it’s changing so much, struggling so much, and never as simple as it seems.

Emma Eisenberg wrote a beautiful essay about her time in West Philadelphia right here. I’ve read this multiple times over the summer, just thinking about returning to school.

The beginning

It’s so goddamn beautiful.
It’s so goddamn broken.

gets me every time.

This weekend was about exploring Philadelphia, notably the western and southern parts. That meant multiple trips to Lil Pop Shop, a Vendy winner!, breakfast tacos at Honest Tom’s, brunch at the Gold Standard, and lots of olympics viewing at any restaurant we passed by.

Breakfast tacos are always a good idea.
so many choices at Lil Pop Shop
Goat cheese with cherries and honey

This post doesn’t even scratch the surface but let me say that Philly is beautiful, broken, and a great place to eat. You’re crazy not to give it a chance.




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