Team Caffiene

So I love coffee. It’s also monday, which means I love coffee a little more than usual. I drink at least two cups a day and refuse to feel bad about it. I’m in college, I love coffeeshop culture. See this article linking coffee drinking to reduced cancer risk if you have any questions. I even wrote an article for my school’s food blog about the best coffee shops around campus.

As a proud member of #teamcaffeine, I’m honored to share a few of my favorite recent cups of coffee. Iced, hot, I don’t discriminate.

Note: I also highly recommend the restaurants from which these coffees came.

Iced Cappucino at Fairway Cafe in NYC

from Fairway Cafe on the Upper West Side

Beautiful Cappucino at Lovers and Madmen

Lovers and Madmen in Philadelphia (one of my favorite places to study).

Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Think Coffee in the East Village

My favorite coffee mugs from home. They’re pantone and we got them in Paris.
Federal Donuts has AMAZING coffee.

Federal Donuts in Philadelphia

Coffee is sunny in California

Sam’s Cafe in Tiburon, California. Their outdoor brunch is delicious.

A tin mug keeps your coffee hot and your hands cool.

At Sam’s Morning Glory, one of my favorite diners in Philadelphia.

Cheers to a well caffeinated monday!

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