Go For the Gold

Friday marked the opening ceremonies for the Summer 2012 Olympics. I remember when New York was campaigning to host. My family planned to rent out our house and make a fortune!

The first Olympics I remember was Sydney in 2000. I recall gymnastics, running, and lots of aerial shots of the Opera House. 2004 was Greece, a fun return to Olympics history. Spent pretty much the entire time obsessing over Carly Patterson (what a great gymnast). 2008 was Beijing. I remember Michael Phelps, Nastia and Shawn, Usain Bolt, and all the controversy, from the surpression to the military style opening ceremony to the smog.

I’m looking forward to gymnastics, swimming, mens basketball, track, volleyball, and the opening ceremonies outfits. The montage where they introduce the city is always great too. Behind-the-scenes interviews are great as well. I love the random trivia about the athletes. London is the first three time host for the games. The other times, however, were last minute, when political circumstances necessitated changes (1908 moved from Rome because of Mt. Vesuvius, 1948 due to WWII).

I’ve assembled some fun Olympics articles, eye candy, and gold/USA items! Enjoy the games. What are you most looking forward to?

What Athletes Eat after Workouts (A LOT) via New York Times

America’s top gymnasts, and their very different personalities via New York Times

Video: Nastia Liukun on this year’s gymnastics team via Sports Illustrated

Vaguely NSFW: The best bodies in the world via Espn

A great tumblr about Olympic fashion, showcasing clothes from around the world.

The Gear:

A gold medal weekend bag?

The official Olympic duffel

olympic boobs?

Sports Bra

Silver like the medal?

Kate Spade bow earrings in silver and gold

Go for the gold!

Enjoy the olympics! As someone who trips while walking, I love to see what the human body can do! Go team USA!


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