Fine Words of Wisdom

I’m an alumna of BBYO, the most fantastic Jewish youth group. We began and ended every meeting with a quote, a bit of wisdom (we called them fine words of wisdom). Although I’m now graduated from the organization, I still love the idea of bookending your day with some words of wisdom. I keep a running quotations word document on my computer and look at every once in a while. I also try to plaster fun quotations on my desktop and phone backgrounds.

Some favorites follow. This may be a series, so stay tuned.

Rascal Flatts Lyrics to “My Wish.” Adorable
Taylor Swift
I can spend hours reading the Grey’s Anatomy quotes on IMDB
Alice Lee made this amazing background based on the regrets of the dying.
I found this poster in my school bookstore and had to capture it. LOVE

What words of wisdom do you carry with you? I’d love some new quotations to add to the rotation!

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