We’ve had some pretty serious post for the last few days so this one is going to be strictly fun. I love painting my nails, especially in the midst of school. Taking an hour each week to paint my nails and watch some trashy tv (the Hills is a favorite) is so important in the midst of library visits and extracurriculars. My favorite polishes are Essie, mostly because of their quality and expanse of colors. At drugstores, they cost $8 each. However, HUGE SECRET HERE, you can often get them on amazon for under $4!! This includes old colors, new colors, you name it. I just got two from their summer collection (I love Bikini So Teensy) for under $4 each. Another tip: Bring your own polish to a salon if you need it to last. That way you can do touch ups at home and get way more mileage out of your manicure. Another tip: pay attention to polish. If you like your friend’s color, ask for the name and brand. Nails are a part of fashion and there are trends. You can get ideas in magazines and online. I love this Cut blog slideshow on ideas for mani-pedi combos.  I never do nail art, just a fun color, with no chips. Here are some images from the last few months (clearly, I’m a little bit obsessed).

Love Essie Ads! This one inspired me to buy Go Overboard
The hunger games (and Essie Tart Deco)
Valentine’s Day with Coffee (and Essie Size Matters)
Swoon-worthy Chanel Nail Polish Display at Bloomingdales
Lemonade and Tart Deco
Meet Me at Sunset and a Salted Caramel Macaron
Nails night with some friends at school.

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