This isn’t really my area of expertise but I’m a person. I have opinions and feelings, especially about an incident like this. My mom told me there was a shooting over breakfast. I mumbled “that’s horrible” and took the subway to internship. As I walked from the subway to the office, I checked twitter. That’s when it became real, the deaths, the gunman and the tear gas and the tragedy. I sat in my cubicle shaking, shaking at the details and the kids hurt and the calls not to politicize it. How can you say we should ignore the implications of this? How can you say that the other theatergoers should have been armed? Should have fired back? Do we actually want people to bring guns to the movie theater? Really?  Does a person NEED tear gas and assault weapons to feel free? I don’t think so.

I know this blog (and many others) is about sometimes frivolous things. There’s nothing wrong with liking to shop and apply nail polish and watch silly tv shows. But we have to balance that with caring about other people, caring about the direction of our country (seriously, VOTE), and caring about attacks on innocent people around the world (Gabby Giffords, Bulgaria, Toulouse, the suicide bomber and countless more). My thoughts and prayers are with the families affected by Aurora. I hope we manage as a country to learn from this.

One thought on “Aurora

  1. “As a country”, I doubt we’ll learn anything. Too many legislators beholden to the NRA. Can’t even get assault weapons banned or restrict large-capacity magazines for guns. However, I applaud you for learning what you can as an individual. You can help change things over time through the actions of your own life.

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