In the Bag(gu)

Don’t you love when you’re a little bit ahead of the curve? You know the feeling. Someone from your high school started a website that made it big, your college roommate goes to the Olympics (fun fact: look out for mine in 2016), your neighbor’s cousin has 10,000 twitter followers.

In this case, I’m talking about Baggu, the fairly ubiquitous reusable nylon totes. They’re gaining popularity as more and more states are charging for plastic and paper bags. They come in a little pouch and weigh almost nothing. Baggu (the Japanese word for bag) has done a great job making attractive AND lightweight products. The variety of colors means they work for men and women. Baggu has licensed products at J.Crew and Madewell in adorable patterns. Emily Sugihara, the founder, is a former J.Crew designer. They just introduced leather bags, and a line of backpacks that I just might need for school.

Where did I hear about them? In a teen vogue article from July 2007. The bags were called the “It bag of the future!”My family ordered them right after that, choosing from around 10 colors. We gave some to my grandma and have been using them daily ever since. My dad even carries a black one to work.

I love following companies that succeed from the beginning and I encourage you to check out Baggu! We just ordered a few more as a hostess gift for some friends. Their town just started charging for bags and we bought some colorful ones for them.

I may need this!
Neon and good for the planet? Sold!
Madewell Laptop Sleeve in Canvas

Have you bought a baggu? What are your favorite company success stories?


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