I Never Thought I Could Wear THAT: Stripes on Stripes

Last friday, I woke up with plenty of time to wear something nice. I had a dress in mind (the striped one I got last week in the Madewell Sale) but needed something else. I needed to take this dress from casual weekend to office friendly. So what did I add, you ask? MORE STRIPES.

I know this is crazy and probably against lots of fashion laws, but hear me out.

The dress that started it all…

The stripes I added were also horizontal. They were also navy (though with a cream background). Yes, I mixed white and cream. They were on a sweater with pockets from J.Crew (sadly no longer available but they are swimming in stripes at the moment).

Perfect with the above dress. Seriously.

So just so we’re clear, I wore a striped dress (navy and white) with a striped sweater (cream and navy) and tan oxfords to my internship, in public, in Brooklyn.

And it looked nice. I don’t do outfit photos, cause I’m not that glam of a blog. But, my mom, the ultimate arbiter of what I leave the house in, love the outfit and I got compliments from the first coworker I saw entering the building. A fellow intern called me a hipster (note J.Crew does not equal hipster, no matter how many pairs of glasses the models wear) so I guess that’s good.

This act of fashion liberation was momentous. It gave me the courage to imagine crazier pairings with stripes. Could I wear a big striped sweater with a vertical striped skirt? I even have a striped belt, where will that lead? A striped button down layered with a different striped dress (yes, I own several). How can I mix the colors, the thicknesses, the directions?

I love the idea of this Asos dress as inspiration

The whole experience, inconsequential though it may seem, was a worthy reminder that getting dressed can and should be fun! Try something a little crazy (stripes on stripes hint, hint) and go forth with confidence/striped swag.

Sidenote: I am obsessed with stripes! This screenshot from my Pinterest fashion board is almost exclusively stripes (and Lauren Conrad, another obsession). If you want, follow me on Pinterest here.

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