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I think I’ve reached the point in my life where I need business cards. I don’t actually work for any businesses, at least on a paid basis, so they’re more like calling cards. I remember reading historical fiction books where boys would drop their cards at the girl’s house. Safe to say that won’t be happening to me.

I’ve decided to make two versions of the cards but I’m having some trouble with the design. I want an informal card with my name, email, phone number, personal website,and twitter and a more professional one with name, email, phone number, website, school and major. One would be more appropriate for peers and fun contacts while the other would be for career stuff.

I so far have two text boxes in microsoft word (clearly I’m fab at design) and would love some ideas. I found a few examples on etsy but I’m unsure as to how colorful they can be. Black and white (or cream) sounds boring but may be the most professional, considering I don’t have a personal logo.

Etsy Chevron

Adorable but a little too colorful!

Custom Cards

Maybe for a creative field?

Business Card Template (I LOVE THESE. In a different color could they be professional? hmm)

Do you have business cards? Where did you design them? How important is this? Where can I get a cute case? Am I over thinking this (yes!)?

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