Bastille Day

Today, July 14th, is Bastille Day, which commemorates the storming of the Bastille and the start of the French Revolution. It’s France’s national day and the perfect time to let your inner francophile flag fly.

I studied french for five years and have a few ways to inject a little french flair into your daily routine.

Wear Stripes

The Iconic Petit Bateau Fishing Sweater

J.Crew always works

On your feet too…(flats and espadrilles from J.Crew)

Read a French BlogGarance Dore is simply divine

Listen to a french song: I love Yelle.

Watch An American Girl in Paris (Part Une et Deux) and/or Casablanca 

We’ll always have Paris, and she is the one!

Try to scan the french news at Le Monde. My hobby is spotting mistranslations in the quotations.

Eat a macaron (La Duree is amazing in New York). I love the salted caramel.


Eat baguette. Eat a croissant. Eat cheese.

Drink wine. Drink cafe au lait. Drink Champagne.

Check out this site: Paris vs. New York

Get lost on the internet or in a book planning your dream trip to Paris. (That one you don’t need any help with).

Have a lovely Bastille Day and remember, Paris is always a good idea!

From my 2010 Paris trip. Do not steal this.

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