The British are coming (Jack Wills, that is)

The British are coming! (Jack Wills that is)

One day last fall I was walking to the library when I spotted a table full of colorful giveaways, manned by a person with a camera. The table belonged to Jack Wills, the British clothing retailer that made its US debut on a massive tour of colleges up and down the East Coast. This marketing decision says a lot about the brand and who it hopes to reach. They even refer to their internship program as the best summer job in America. During the school year, Jack Wills sponsored a beach themed fraternity party with tote bag giveaways for the first 100 guests (the poor pledges had to fill an entire room with sand), an outdoor game tournament called the Preppy Games, and other events at their store in Philadelphia. I had a free lanyard, a bumper sticker, and my photo on their facebook page (can you find me?) but I had yet to set foot in the store. My stylish and preppy little sister beat me to that.

She was in Washington DC, where Jack Wills had recently opening, and wandered in with my dad. They were impressed with the quality and style of the merchandise and each found something to purchase, in her case a sweet skirt with buttons down the front, and in his a button down shirt with a duck monogram (my dad is preppy okay). They stopped in Philly on their way home to New York, and after a mandatory stop at J.Crew, we went inside. The store is absolutely adorable, divided into the more classic clothes and a more relaxed lifestyle brand known as the college apparel, which included sweatshirts, pajamas, and more. I bought an adorable blouse that I wear with everything (my favorite combo is with coral jeans) and left wanting to return.

There’s no store in New york but (now here’s where I get to the point of this post), they’re having a massive online sale and you should check it out.

The Cottenham Dress

perfect for tea right?

The Colebridge Dress (only $44 and striped!)

The Edgeworth Cami (I have this in cream and it’s so versatile)

The Mereside Cami (comes in two colors)

Brandsbury Skirt (the British product names are adorable right?)

How appropriate is it to buy a British umbrella?

The Ashenhurst Umbrella

Have you heard of Jack Wills? Happy shopping!

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