Early To Bed

The title of this post is a total lie. I never go to bed early, but I do need new bedding. I did the whole dorm shopping thing last summer but of course my new apartment has a full sized bed.

Full Sized NOT Extra Long Twin. Total game changer.

I need to choose new bedding, ideally in the same color scheme as last year so my other stuff still matches. That means blues and some greens. Help me!

Some ideas:

This is a duvet and I prefer quilts, but it’s pretty (and on sale): Vera Wang Shibori Bedding 

Back to the classics, PB Teen stuff looks too young this year. Since this is a bigger, and more expensive purchase, I want something that will last for a long time.

The Adele Patchwork Quilt is still pretty cute.

Serena and Lily has some cute options (but mostly duvets)

Navy Color Frame Duvet (found in the children’s department)

Catalina Duvet

Gorgeous but so expensive!

Diamond Quilt

I wish the colors were just a little more vibrant…

Last but not least, my favorite from Pottery Barn Kids (whattt). Yes, they come in full size. I love the oceanside quilt and adorable whale sheets. The white and navy seem classic and it’s on sale…

Little Avery is so lucky!

Sweet dreams everyone and send bedding suggestions this way!

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