Heat Wave

It has been hot, hot, hot in our fair city this past week. I personally feel gross whenever I take the subway, or even step outside for that matter. Summer clothes are pretty fun, being drenched in sweat is not. And hair does not like heat. Period. We all need some ways to cool off so I thought I’d share a few ideas.

1. The side braid. I have no patience for heat styling at any time of year so I turn to the side braid when it gets really hot. If you add some serum, frizz is minimized (but obviously still there because this is the real world). If you want to have your hair down inside, the side braid will have added some nice waves and you can always quickly rebraid it to beat the heat.

Some inspiration from our girl Katniss:

That arena did look warm…

There’s even a Katniss barbie coming out soon with a side braid (a first for Barbie, I’m sure).

Here is my favorite serum ever. I’ve been using it for years and one bottle lasts for so long because you only need a tiny pump. I brought one bottle to college for the entire year and it was only 2/3 empty when I came home. Trust me, this is the worth the money.

2. Dress the part. I cannot wear long sleeve shirts when it’s over 90 degrees. I don’t care if they’re so-called breezy button downs, they don’t work. If it’s over a bikini on a beach, we can talk. On the streets, no way. I need to have my arms a little bit free on the streets. I always tuck a cardigan in my bag for airconditioning (remember my intern fashion struggles?) but here’s what I like to wear. Below is an Aqua dress from bloomingdales that is no longer available. Aqua does have some great summer styles and a short sleeve dress that is NOT skintight is great for work and the heat.

This is way longer than it looks! That model must be VERY tall.

Other options:

White is a great color to wear in the sun because it reflects heat. White fabrics tend to be a little bit lighter and breezier which is most needed in the summer heat.

This shirt is great in the heat and would look nice with a simple grey skirt or colored jeans for an internship. The texture makes it just a little bit dressy.Just add a cardigan. (Also weekends with jean shorts, hello).

3. Stay hydrated. This is probably the best way to beat the heat. I feel physically sick if I’m dehydrated and constantly need to remind myself to drink water in this weather. Carrying around a water bottle is the best way to get this done. It’s annoying (I’ve never found a truly leakproof water bottle, if you have let a girl know) but so worth it. Paying for water bottles is so annoying (and bad for the planet, we have an island of plastic already) so bring your own. Most offices have coolers to refill.
This is my favorite one as it’s nearly leakproof.
4. Armchair travel. Set your desktop and phone background to a picture of somewhere you’d like to be. I have mine as a beach in the dominican republic right now but go for a glacier if that’s what your mood needs.
From my recent trips to the beach:
Taken in Newport Beach, California (please don’t steal this photo)
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (please don’t steal this photo)

Good luck with the summer heat! Comment with any suggestions or feedback and may the odds be ever in your favor!

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