Emerald City

I bought a green skirt. J. Crew is having a sale (worth examining) and I ordered a green denim mini skirt. The skirt also comes in neon pink, which my sister owns and I occasionally borrow. Last night I wore it with a grey crop top that cost $9.

Green is a color I always wish I had more of. This is a good start and way more versatile than the pink one.

denim skirts are back, well green ones.

What will I wear with this? Well, I’m not going to play that silly fashion blog game where you choose a bunch of really cute things you don’t own and have never tried on and put together great hypothetical outfits. Let’s get real.

This would be cute with a white v neck and a grey sweater. Stripes would also be great (navy and white!) as shown by the model.

I have this cardigan in grey (which is not available now) and it’s lasted forever.

White V necks are a staple. You can get one at target.

I also love the combo of navy and green. The color is described as collegiate green which sends a lovely preppy vibe. I have a navy argyle sweater that would be perfect with this. It’s from Aqua (cashmerealways goes on sale in January). It’s June so you can’t find it online. Perfect.

If I were to buy something new, I’d want a cool loose grey sweater like this free people one now on sale (until July 4th). Since the skirt is tight, but not super short (I know how it fits because of the pink one), you can do some classic preppy tops, some fun crop tops to go out, and some cozy sweaters for winter. I also cannot wait to wear this with tights and boots.

I love tights and collect them (along with argyle socks in my closet). The aerie outlet is a great place to buy tights. They have so many in the summer. Argyle socks from J.Crew are great and they always go on sale. Pairing mismatch colors with this skirt would be a fun twist on the preppy style.

I also love this skirt with a chambray shirt, which is super summery. I have one from aerie, but they’re everywhere this season. This one from American Eagle is very similar. You could tie up the ends as shown here for a fun twist.

It’s time to buy a chambray shirt. Your closet will thank you.

I can’t wait for the skirt to arrive and will post more outfits as I create them. Do you have a green skirt? Let me know how you wear it!

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