Amazon One Click

Amazon has something for students entitled, oh so creatively, amazon student. You get access to amazon prime to order textbooks, and stuff comes really fast. It also comes with one click purchasing, where they store all your addresses and info so you buy things in literally one click (two if you have to switch the address from home to school). I’ve used this to great effect this year, buying nail polish for $4 at 4 am in the middle of finals, buying highlighters (there’s free shipping so why not?) and just recently buying this extremely fabulous item. My very first fanny pack.

Oh say can you see…my fanny pack

To be fair, I am going to Made In America, a sicknasty music festival created by Jay Z, so it goes with theme. I’ll need my hands free to dance. It was $6.80, enough with your judgment.

Amazon, you are a dangerous, dangerous website.

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